About BHCP

The Behavioral HealthCare Program (BHCP), part of the MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization, is a Maine based behavioral health organization with local coordination and local staff. It manages the mental health and substance use benefits for members throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. The objective of the Behavioral HealthCare Program is to promote the health of the enrolled populations via integrated behavioral healthcare services. BHCP coordinates the needs for its members by utilizing the knowledge of the providers and resources of the region to align patients with the most appropriate provider at the most appropriate level of care. BHCP is committed to provide quality service to its members through local coordination and strong provider involvement. 

There are many advantages to the local, non-profit, integrated, collaborative, clinical system of care. It has a known group of clinical providers. It is able to communicate more effectively because the staff and providers know each other and live and work within the same geographical area as the subscribers. BHCP can be more creative and innovative in treatment planning. Staff refer patients to clinicians according to therapist training, interest, and expertise. Staff have the ability to answer questions (clinical or administrative) in a timely manner. The Behavioral HealthCare Program recognizes what a clinician and a subscriber should expect from an integrated system.

Current Clients

We currently manage the benefits for 165,000 members throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Our current contracts include: Aetna/MaineHealth, US Family Health Plan at Martins Point, Martins Point Generations Advantage and Utilization Management for behavioral health services for Anthem/MaineHealth Medicare Advantage members.